In our effort to continuously improve the level of hospitality so that you always enjoy a perfect stay, we have included in our services collaborations with professionals in the field of outdoor activities that consistently and safely cover a huge range of extreme sports and more. / p>

Rafting is one of the most popular extreme sports, capable of offering thrills and often adrenaline rush. It is not only for professionals and that is why the routes are of staggered difficulty to be an ideal choice even for beginners.

canyoning is the top of all activities combining 3 unique activities: hiking in wild landscape, swimming in a river and descending a vertical waterfall rock with special equipment. Swimming in cool waters, the awe of the height, climbing through huge, vertical rocks and narrow passages as well as the imposing beauty of the ravine make cannyoning the ultimate extreme sport.

For those for whom the sky is the ultimate challenge, the parapente is the easiest and most affordable in terms of learning, handling, transporting and cost of air sports and is aimed at those who love wind speed and the sense of complete autonomy that the flight offers. It is a light flying device that does not require special physical condition and gives the possibility after just a few lessons to fly in the skies with the unique company of birds and the wind. The area offers alternative take-off points, suitable winding conditions and interesting flights with a large altitude difference and stunning views.

‘If you have no previous experience, do not have time to take parapente lessons or just do not want to be in control of the flight you can fly with a two-seater type of slope which will be handled by an experienced pilot.

Organize your trip to Ioannina today, including a unique experience that will be unforgettable.