The unique experience of a luxury Spa offers the ultimate in relaxation and wellness at the end of a wonderful stay.

In the specially designed area of ​​the Spa, we have taken care of your absolute personal hygiene and discretion during your treatment or the use of sauna, Turkish bath and steam bath. For this reason, there are isolated locker rooms that serve the clients of the Spa while each treatment ensures the exclusive use of the space, offering the maximum possible privacy.

Massage helps :
Improving both physical and mental health.
Gives a healthy glow to the skin
Increases energy
Leave yourself in the hands of our experienced staff and enjoy the beneficial properties of Golden Spa.

The Golden Spa treatments

Relaxing massage

Duration:30' | 45' Ι 60'each session

Necessary at every time!

There is nothing more beneficial for the body, mind and spirit than a relaxing massage. This type of massage is the most popular in the world because its techniques are gentle, stimulate the nervous and muscular system, fighting pain and stress. It is able to bring peace of mind and spirit and if it is applied at regular intervals, the results are infinitely greater and the body operates to its full potential.

Sports massage

30' | 45' | 60'

The solution to minor injuries!

A type of therapy that aims to relax and relieve muscles from tension and stress. The rhythmic pressure of various massages eliminates the lactic acid that has accumulated and heals soft tissue injuries. Promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance and prepares the body and mind for optimal performance in exercise.

Back massage

30' | 45' | 60'

Effective relief!

Back massage focuses on the waist, paravertebrates, shoulders and neck, with the ultimate goal of resolving any muscle spasm by working in areas where there is pain and grip in a targeted and effective manner.

Head and face massage


Rejuvenation & energy!

Refreshing massage on the face and scalp, with special pressures that relax, rest and eliminate the signs of fatigue. It is a technical massage method that uses gentle movements and fights the symptoms of tension and headache, reduces stress, promotes relaxation, improves circulation and enhances the body's energy. The session ends with a facial massage, which will relax the facial muscles, thus offering rejuvenation, regeneration and radiance.

Golden Sauna

The sauna of Golden Spa is of high quality with a capacity of up to 4 people. Its use reduces the cardiovascular risk, helps prevent viruses and colds, helps skin health, facilitates sleep, detoxifies. Use of the sauna is subject to consultation with the hotel management.

Golden Steam Massage

The steam-massage pool is a special relaxation proposal suggested by our hotel for those who had a long day in the city of Ioannina. Pressurized steam bubbles relax the muscles of the body, offering an indescribable feeling of relaxation that in combination with hot water are the ideal steam therapy.

Golden Hamam

Enjoy the beneficial properties of the Golden Spa hamam and get a smoother, softer and healthier skin, as it causes sweating, due to the increase in temperature. The good effect of the hammam on the body lies in the promotion of neuromuscular relaxation by increasing perspiration. The hammam has been shown to be beneficial for people suffering from sleep disorders, dry skin, muscle stiffness as well as for people who are sensitive to sudden temperature changes.

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